The Aska Group is a dynamic UK and ​UAE-based retail group specialised in ​retail strategy and innovation, growth ​and expansion, distribution, e-​commerce, and strategic investments.

Our Divisions

Retail Strategy & ​Business Development

Nordic Brands Aggregator ​& E-commerce

Principal Investments

We specialise in the ​discovery, launch, and global ​expansion of brands within ​the beauty, wellness, and ​lifestyle sectors. Our expertise ​spans all retail verticals, ​allowing us to seamlessly ​guide brands into ​international markets.

At Nordic Glow, we ​take pride in ​offering the purest ​and most effective ​skincare and ​wellness products, ​handcrafted with ​natural and ​organic botanicals ​sourced from the ​Nordics

We concentrate on emerging ​brands poised for growth and ​expansion into new markets. ​These brands require capital ​infusion, a strategic path to ​market entry, and a dedicated ​team to oversee and execute ​their global retail strategies.

The ASKA Team

Giorgiana Cardos Tenorio

Co-Founder & CEO

Aldis Firman Arnadottir

Co-Founder & COO​

Divya Hooja

Content & Social Media ​Manager

Claudiu Tite

Head of IT

Diana Man

Partnerships & ​Community Manager

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